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Where's my Gig?

Hi all,

I’m trying to get some help regarding an issue I’m having wtih finding my Gig.
I’ve checked the forum and found some similar posts, but I’m a stubborn and I’ve tested everything myself, so I think I have a point here.

I have 2 Gigs on Fiverr and I’m focusing on one which is “I will design a logo within 24h”.
I’ve made this Gig a fixed price service, 50$.
And yes, I’m a new seller on here.

Here’s the link to the Gig I’m talking about

So if you’re a buyer and go on Fiverr and type “logo” in the search bar, then you refine the search selecting the criterias “24h delivery”, “40-60$” (just to make sure to chatch all Gigs between 40 and 60) and “new seller” the Gig should be in the results.
Indeed it is! Which is good, because if a buyer types in “logo” obviously he’s gonna find all the “logo” services or all the Gigs having “logo” as a keyword, right?

Well, let’s say a buyer doesn’t type anything at all.
Yes, because there’s quick menu options on Fiverr, so if I just click on the category “graphic&design” and then click on the subcategory “logo design” I’m expecting the browser to give me the same results right?

But this is not happening.
If I search for my Gig by typing “logo” and refining the search, then I will find it.
If I click directly on “graphic&design” - “logo design” and refine the search, it won’t show.

There’s also a huge difference in quantity of results.
If I type in “logo” with the same refined search I will get 6000 new sellers.
If I don’t type anything I will get 206 sellers.

It’s important to say that this happened after I’ve uploaded a video to my Gig.
Before the video was added, I remember I was able to find my Gig in any possible way.
Also, I’ve raised 10k views in less than 3 weeks.
This last week I’ve only received 190 views.

So I’ve raised an incident with the help center and they’ve tried to help me.
One possible thing was that I was using my onw profile to look for my own Gig.

So I’ve logged off my account and searched for my Gig, nothing changed.
I mean, I’ve searched my Gigs both ways (typing “logo” or not).
Once again, if I type in “logo” it works, I will find my Gig.
If I don’t, I’m not a seller on Fiverr anymore.

One of the guys from the help center sent me screenshots of how he was able to find my Gig without typing anything in the search bar, just refining the search with “24h delivery”, “new seller” and “price range 40-50$”.

So I was like “how’s that possible then?”, I’ve logged off and it didn’t work but this guy here could manage…
Let’s ask someone with a different IP to do it.
So instead of asking my friends, I would like YOU to try this:

  • stay logged in or log off your account (doesn’t matter)
  • start a search by clicking on “graphic&design” and then “logo design”
  • refine the search putting “delivery up to 24h”, “new seller” and price range “40-60$” (if you’re using euros, you can set the range between 40-50 euros, 50 dollars is definitely in between).

Can you tell me how many results you get?
I get 5 pages, 206 sellers.
And I’m not there.
The Gig thumbnail is very easy to find, if you open the link above you’ll see it.
It’s just a “$50 LOGOS” writing white on black.

Hope to hear back from you all!
And please share if you’re experiencing the same issue.
This bug could make a big difference in everyone’s Gig performance on Fiverr.

Thank you in advance for your help.



Little update:

I’ve asked friends from all around the world to do the same and they can’t find me as well.
Until now, only Fiverr’s help center was able to find me with the search method that I’ve suggested (without typing anything in the search bar).

I’ve also created another Gig.
Same thing.

Searched for Graphics & Design, Logo Design, between $45 and $55, new seller, 24 hours.
Yours is on the second page, 4387 in total.

Your new gig could take a few days to show up in any sort of search.

Filters don’t always work as they should! :wink:

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Thank you for checking!

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Fiver search is strange
I have one word in my gig title, gig description, and tags but it is out of reach in any type of search.

I believe that apart from keywords and tags, all Gigs should be shown when looking for generic logo design service.
Like, how many Gigs are offering logo service on Fiverr for 50$?
10 thousands Gigs?
Perfect, there should be 10 thousands results just by clicking on “logo design”.
This is not happening.

fiver search engine check … u will get ur gigs…

Bingo. Nothing crazy happening here. You updated your gigs, then searched for them. Your profile can take 24-48 hours to show back up in the search results AFTER you make changes. Wait 24 hours and try again.


This sounds like the fisrt real answer I’ve had until now. I will leave my Gigs as they are and check back in 24-48 hours.

Thank you!


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It can also happen that something is ‘wrong’ with your gig. One of my gigs wasn’t showing either, and I asked CS. not long after I got a notification that I had to adjust my gig. I used my own language in some of the FAQ’s (I write in my own language, which isn’t English) and it’s not allowed to not use English in your gig description etc. That Gig was already online for more than 7 months, but only the past couple of weeks it disappeared. And not until I asked actively to CS they came back with that feedback.

but in your case, being patient might also do the trick :slight_smile:

I hope so!
Thank you for sharing, I will update update this post on Monday after double checking the Gig!


Fiver search is strange
I have one word in my gig title, gig description, and tags but it is out of reach in any type of search.

Hi all!

It’s been more than 48 hours and my Gigs are still not showing up when searching them from a logged out account.

Also I was thinking, if it’s because I’ve changed something in My gig and it takes 24-48 hours to reappear in search, how can some of you see it and some others don’t?
So I’m asssuming that’s not really the right explanation for this problem.

Anyway, thank you all for your feedbacks and enjoy your day :slight_smile: