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Wheres My Money?

Its 10PM EST on the day that I’m supposed to get my 1st $4 here on fiverr and yet there is only 2 more hours till the day is over. I dont even understand why we have to wait 14 days after the order was marked completed by the buyer (that still makes no sense to me but its whatever). People work hard for their money and CS shouldn’t have to be notified about this. It should just work. Sry for the rant but I find this unacceptable… 2 hours and counting down… We will see

Now granted its only $4 but what about the days that I completed 3-5 orders? Really its just the principle of the thing. I hate waiting 14 days after the order was marked complete and positive feedback (meaning buyer was happy). But thats the rules in place and I will do so but at least give people their money when you tell us we will have it. Who knows some people probably depend on those money dates…

PS: Sry about the heavy hearted post. Probably laying it on to thick but it doesn’t change the fact that this does need to be taken care of. I’ve head of allot of people having this problem. If I cant be confident in fiverr giving me the money I earned then it changes everything…

Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

Technically you could be waiting as long as 18 days before you receive a payment. Upto three days if user doesn’t leave feedback, and an additional 15 days wait(I usually add the extra day although technically it’s 14… it glitches a lot depending on the time of day the order was complete.). I have noticed depending on the time of the day as well that sometimes it gets a bit glitchy and takes upwards of 20 days in rarer cases. The money does in fact eventually clear though so just wait it out a bit longer. If you think an order is having difficulties clearing, contact CS and they can sort it out for you(Best time to contact them is between 2AM and 5AM EST time. i literally have had immediate responses at those times at night. Does it say on the particular order that it will be clearing today?

yes it says its supposed to clear today

justinmorris747 said: yes it says its supposed to clear today

Fiverr doesn't use your clock to set dates and times. When you have more history on Fiverr, you'll sometimes see your funds clear a day or two late. On the other hand, I've seen funds clear a day early as well.