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Where's my money

Why is there no phone number for Fiverr? I have bought many times but will never use this site again. ORDER FO72B028BD81 GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. NOW.

If you are not a fiverr employee then thanks for your response. I am getting my money back because I’m filing a bank dispute, also I am reporting fiverr to the BBB, and closing my fiverr account.

There are no Fiverr employees on the forum (except when they post announcements), only users like yourself.

Reply to @funnysites:

Wow. A seriously unhappy guy. And, as he was vague in his posts, we have no idea what inspired his frustration.

hey what really happened?

I love it when people say they are filing a complaint with the BBB as if the BBB is some serious government organization. It is not. They take payments to give companies good rankings and remove them if you stop making payments.

I am British and the BBB are constantly trying to wrangle membership fees out of me. It is odd.

Reply to @jonbaas: In these situations I like to imagine a scenario for OP. Usually my scenarios are way more dramatic and ridiculous than their real life experience probably was.

You’d do better to pay the Online BB than the BBB, at lest with OBB you get a front page listing in google for a couple months on keys you select when your register, if strategy is used with keys and not just a bunch of crap. I know several people who use them, and for the purpose as well, not what you’d think. Ripoffreport has more pull than BBB these days and they are the same game, you get a bad review they make it front page news on site and search in engines, you don’t pay to remove hen it stays. Sad, but the guy from R.O.R, from Azirona became a millionaire over night with it actually. Million’s use the server, and look to it. LOL

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