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Wheres My Money

I attempted to pay for a gig and I gave my credit card number clicked ok the screen froze-up and after about 15 minutes I got 2 emails one that stated I needed to complete the transaction and one with the paid reciept, I checked with my bank and the payment was clearly taken from my account, but after almost 48 hours later it still has not posted to my fiverr account so I can pay the seller and get my time sensitive project completed, can someone help me get to the bottom of this debacle, thanks

Sounds like a job for Customer Support…


As @nicktribedesign pointed out, support for account issues is not available on the public forums and you’ll need to contact customer support.

What do you mean post to your Fiverr account? When you buy a gig it does not post to your Fiverr account, it automatically pays the seller. There is no way to “load” money into your account and then go buy gigs, each payment you make goes directly to the seller’s account. Then they start your job and in a few days they should deliver it.

Did you contact the seller to see if they got your order?