Wheres the benefit?


Hi there.

I am a long time user of Fiverr gigs as well as a supplier of gigs.

Have had some good experience and some not so good. When you need something technical done people are a great help and generally very communicative. I plan to use the services of the community more and more.

However, I am also a supplier in this community. I have put my gigs on hold because I got tired of working for nothing! $4 for an hours work is a pretty poor return in anybody’s language . My gig is writing…blog articles mostly. I like writing, but I need to earn a lot more than users pay. So how do you do it?

Notice that many gigs I buy now try to upgrade me. Usually technical services which I am happy to pay extra for.

One customer asked me for 200 gigs a month! Not bad you think? Well a gig can take me up to an hour…and its worth $4 after fees? How can I get at least $20 an hour? Then increase to a commercial rate of $50 per hour! I try to get quality articles from a journalist…their minimum fee is $150 an hour…big difference!

Would appreciate any useful advice.


Extras comes in handy because this is where the real money comes in. I did forum posting for $4, the amount I did was 40 posts. And that may not sound like alot to some, but it’s the quality of the posts that mattered and it took me quite a while to earn each $4. It helped having extras because I did make a nice amount of money from it. Just keep at it until you become a level 1 seller and you’ll be able to add addition deals for higher prices.


Thanks bremaine and madmoo. Will look around for some examples of your suggestions and try to apply them…40 posts for $4 to me is incredible slave labour. We are all aiming to reach “commercial” rates surely. Fiverr is just a way of connecting with buyers. But at some time rates have to rise or its a waste of time.


40 posts did take me quite a while, especially since I was getting a decent amount of orders every week and I was getting so tired of it. I notice so many people offering up gigs for more posts, some up top 200 or 400 for $4. It’s kind of crazy. Then again they probably have bots who do the postings or they’re just generated posts.

Anyways, that’s enough about that.

And I agree, that’s why I loved extra’s so much. But once you get to seller status of 1, then you’ll be able to earn a lot more.