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Where's the Starting point for New sellers?


i cannot see any buyer requests in the respective section. I have published two gigs as a new seller. Should I wait for a miracle or the requests take some days to show up?
Any tips or suggestions are highly appreciated.
Thanks :wink:


Please see this thread regarding buyer requests:

Waiting is not an option on Fiverr anymore, considering how many sellers and gigs there are currently - it’s up to you to get sales by promoting/marketing your services. Feel free to read the UpYour posts written by one of the Forum Moderators on how to get more sales.


Thanks. it was quite helpful. :slight_smile:


My suggestion for you:

  • Make your gig with less price and later you can increase
  • Promote your gig through social sites
  • live online as much as you can
  • Send proposal at buyer request

I hope it will help you lot at starting.