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Whether to accept or decline cancellation? I am confused!

I do offer icon set service in my profile! One buyer ordered a service for 15 icons for 25 dollars. I do delivered as usual! But he keep on giving me revision asking for more emotion! Even after I provided him so many revisions! He opened a dispute to cancel the order! Many people from fiverr says fiverr only supports buyer! So I thought even I decline the order! He might opened a dispute again and again and he might end up giving me a negative review! I do mainitain overall 5 star rating overall for 140 orders! I did work on this order for 2 days! I dont want to waste my hardwork and I dont want to loose money! I dont know what to do! Here I attached my work I did for this order! But he does not like not even a single icon! I am really upset!

Uploading: Icons_v2-01.png… Uploading: Icons_v3-01.png… Uploading: Icons-01.png…