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Whether to offer different types of gigs?

Hi, I put this post in “My Fiverr Gigs” but see that it is mainly people advertising their own gigs.

I am new on Fiverr and have had 2 sales so far for explainer videos. I am wondering whether to offer different types of gigs eg writing articles or illustration as it seems that video explainer gigs are pretty over-saturated. At present Fiverr only allows 7 gigs, so I presume that is until you become a level one seller? Do you think it is better to specialise in explainer vids only or offer different services? Many thanks,

Hello, if you want more steady income, go for few different services. If you put all eggs into one basket, and you already said the market is saturated, it will be hard to obtain higher level for you - it can take more time than needed.

So my recommendation is to create something what is not in explainer videos niche and obtain more sales first in order to go level up, then you can put more gigs inside the saturated market while keeping the old ones active as well.

Good luck!

Yes, thank you neophonic, that’s my thinking. At present I can only have 7 gigs, so will have to cull a couple I guess. Many thanks,

Happy to help, like the style and most likely will give it a try. Please contact me if you are interested in possible wholesales.

It doesn’t make you look professional.

Why do you have 7 of the similar gig? out of which some are using the same video.Furthermore, the description in the gigs is similar. What is the point of 7 gigs when you can put them all in one gig and optimise 1 gig instead of having 7 weak gigs?

Do you know if you do this for your website, you will not be visible on Google as well? Not that this is Google but I believe Fiverr also uses some form of algorithm.

Thank you yoloexperience I think you are right. I was “advised” by someone to clone my gigs to place into more than one secton, although they do seem to be viewed, still not getting anymore sales.

I think you should spend more time in the buyers request section. Make sure you compose an attention grading offer. I believe with time, you’ll start getting order.

Note: if you can’t offer any other service, don’t. But if you can, why not?

The Levels determine how many gigs you can have at any given time.
Check out the perks of hitting each level; you’ll see the number of active gigs you can have will increase as your Level increases.

I started out with 6 or 7 gigs, to figure out where my work was needed and useful. I realized really fast that I can’t compete in photoshop – I took that gig down. Sound/audio editing wouldn’t work for me either as I use basic software. And then, I realized that my voice and my writing are the best things I can offer because I am a native English speaker and decent writer.

So I started expanding my writing, and combining them with audio, and branched out into proofreading and fluffing (adding length without changing content). My highest sales told me where I should focus my work. When my basic audio gig got a lot of attention (at $5 for 500 words) I decided to make a niche gigs (like voice mail, explainer video, etc.). Likewise, I made separate writings for my erotica work and my professional work because companies who want professional work probably don’t want to hear about my erotica work.

I think it’s reasonable to start out with a number of different things you’re sure you can do wel. And depending on what works, take it and run!
Also, try diversifying which categories your gigs are in; it gives you a wider view of what people want because you can see the Buyer Requests only for categories within which you have an active gig. The more BR you can see, the more you see the needs of the community and can respond to them.

Hope that helps!

Hi MSFS, thank you. That very interesting the way you have built up your gigs on Fiverr. It seems to be a skill in itself to work via Fiverr! Many thanks.