why i dont have any buyers :frowning: im wasting time here ? better to go find a job in a restaurant ? :((

i have perfect Logo designs but no one buy one : https://www.fiverr.com/nikandlv/design-a-logo-for-you

and also see my gigs that have no buyers : https://www.fiverr.com/nikandlv

and one other thing is my gig lost in million of gigs in the category so no one will see it


As someone above said, your English is pretty rough, maybe have one of your friends proofread your stuff. In the thumbnail picture for one of your gigs you have a spelling mistake which is sure to prevent sales. Good luck


For one you have no videos that explain what you are offering. Maybe use:


Invest to become the best!


Trust youself !! you could do the best just be patience


My first month of actually selling was wonderful. I made almost enough to make my credit card payments, but then I was promoted to level 1. Soon after my sales just disappeared. It’s very frustrating and I have tried everything, even learning a new skill and starting gigs around that. I took all my writing gigs down and just gave up. I got maybe one sale a week if that. I lost my love for the site and didn’t feel like I could give my all to the couple customers I did have stick around. I started writing a novel I am hoping to sell it online soon to make ends meet.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do, but always have a backup. Fiverr can change in an instant and you can lose the flow you used to thrive off of.

(sorry for any typos, just pulled an all nighter between babysitting a new pup and writing so I wouldn’t have any hope of catching them.)


I know your first language is probably not English, but your grammar is not very professional - when I look for someone to buy from, I want to make sure they understand what I’m trying to communicate with them!

Just this line from your profile alone:

I’m A Good Writer And i Hope I can Help You Here

To Have better website and other stuff About any thing I can !

You should probably update to proper grammar to read:

I’m a good writer, and I hope I can help you to have a better website and more!

Really take the time to make all the details come together because that’s what will start to differentiate you from others. Good luck to you!


I concur with amandygran I have specifically asked users if English is their first language been told yes and then had gobblygook pidgeon English. It is so frustrating and wastes everyone’s time.


Reply to @nigelb_64: I totally agree. That’s the most irritating thing!

Also as @Amandygran stated, you should probably use proper English and that might help out with sales.

But more then anything be patient, sales take time. Before you realize it orders may be coming in flying.


Just hang in there. If your main gigs are not selling, come up with something little that will sell. Sell a piece of software, sell a file, send a postcard from your country, anything to get that first order and review. I went almost 11 months on Fiverr with no orders, then I got a couple of regular customers that now order my stuff all the time. Once you catch fire, and people catch wind of what you are doing, then it takes off from there. Look for that starting point. Good luck!


Read this topic.



Reply to @amandygran: Also, with that level of English, it’s probably not the best idea to offer writing services.


First of all try to make customer’s happy and offer them what others are not offering :slight_smile:


Reply to @amandygran: yes it’s not

thanks .


hahah funny. Try hard you’ll get success !


Reply to @olivia69: Thanks for advise i will do my best !


Reply to @graphicsqueen1: yes i know i must do that ! thanks


Reply to @dnolan2000: Can u say which one ?


Reply to @webtelly: i have things but no one need them so they are wasting time to sell . thanks for advises


Reply to @dnolan2000: Can u say which one ?