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Which account is best to continue selling progress?)

I have 2 accounts in Fiverr. one has 3 reviews with 5start ( that created in April ) and the other one is a new account there were 7 gigs but there 2 gigs that have good click and impression too ( that created in October )

now the question is…
which account is best for me to continue my selling progress?

1 account:

2 account:


You’re likely to get banned for using multiple accounts. You’re violating the TOS.

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You can’t have more than one account. Keep the one with reviews and close the other one


" One person can create only one account . As stated in the Terms of Service, creating more than one account can get all the associated accounts banned. The number of different computers doesn’t matter; one account per person only (and saying that you are creating them for different people isn’t going to help)."

This is what google said. Probably neither by this point but godspeed.


thanks for your suggest.

Don’t just waste any time. Get rid of one account immediately, because you may not know when fiverr will finds out and decide to disable both accounts.

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yeah other account is unactive like more than few month. so i think that’s not be any problem yet, but thanks a lot for all information.

Even thou the account is inactive for more than 5 years, you can still use that same account but creating another account will make you lose all accounts. I suggest you should read the TOS if you haven’t. If you do, go through it again for more clarifications.

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okay I going to deactivate other account as soon as possible

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I highly suggest you actually read the Terms of Service, because you’re breaking more than one rule.

Identical gigs are against the Fiverr TOS . If you can use the same image/description interchangeably between the gigs without edits, and the gigs still make sense, they’re far too similar.

Section: Sellers, Sub-section: Gigs (truncated list)

Identical gigs also mean you’re competing with yourself. Fiverr is competitive enough as it is, you shouldn’t dilute your review and order pool.


thanks for your advice. it’s really helpful to me. thank you again

You’re still violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service by having two accounts.

Are you aware that, if you get caught, you could lose both accounts, as well as any new account you make in the future?