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Which are High Class Social Media platforms to promote gig?

Which are High Class Social Media platforms to promote gig?


I am interested to hear what other freelancers will say about this. I have been in fiverr for well over a year now, and in that period, I have found it unnecessary to advertise myself on social media because I don’t see people who are interested in the kind of services I offer. The ones who I think are interested often end up to be jokers or people who are looking for shot cuts. For this reason, I have always relied or referrals and good ratings to get me clients, so far so good. The experience could be different with other people though :grinning:


good question, I’m interested too
Have you tried Quora?

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Not tried Quora. Have you tried?

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Not now but it is a community of working people (everyone has a qualification), not teenagers. Like linkedIn

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I don’t promote myself on Social Media anymore.

Here’s why:

On Twitter…many of my followers are bots. They don’t spend money.

On Facebook…many of my followers are friends. They don’t need my service.

On LinkedIn…many of my followers are business professionals. None of them need my services.

On Instagram…many of my followers are friends. They don’t need my services.

Do you see a pattern here?

Combined, I have well over 10,000 followers.

I used to own a small town newspaper. Classified advertising worked because the people who read those ads were looking for items listed in them. Fiverr is a giant classified ad section where Buyers can search through pages of Sellers offering different services. You don’t need to promote yourself anywhere other than here.


thank you so much for sharing here, I have learned about it, thanks again.

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Gig Promote means you will get orders from social media. there are no specific social media for doing that. you can take any one media for your promotion but remember it will be for long time. which media you will choose, you must know their promotion(post) type, using taqs, Hashtaq, Links etc. if you properly use any media for long time you will get orders. I am personally use (Instagram Last 1 year) & i getting multiple orders from there.


“high class” and “social media” should not appear in the same sentence, unless used like this as an example, why? Oxymorons.

Cognitive dissonance can only ever lead to stress.

I like @looseink’s approach as I learned a long time ago that people on social media spend time, not money.

My social media accounts total zero.

I’d rather put effort into making my own site, and my own payment platform, more available to people who are searching me out with the intent of spending, there’s no point in targeting people who are generally speaking looking at cat pictures and expressing how much they love their mum / gran / sister etc…

When my site is polished, and my profiles everywhere are live, then I’ll get into real networking by picking up the phone, no twitfacedlinkogram nonsense for me thanks.

Technically, I suppose this place is a form of social media, though honestly I view the posts here mainly as a crash course of how not to freelance; there are exceptions, but that seems to be the rule.


I tried it, because people who add me on social media are usually people who like my drawings or want me to draw something for them. The thing is, this didn’t bring me any sells on Fiverr. Most of those followers don’t have a Fiverr account and don’t want to make one just for that. So I get private message on those social platform for jobs, but none of my buyers on Fiverr comes from those social media platform.

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Turned my thoughts on this.

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Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Did you read the posts above?


I’ve had a similar experience with social media. I have over 3000 followers on Twitter, yet most are either bots or ghosts. The ones that do respond to anything are generally those I’d consider friends, and therefore not requiring my (paid) services.

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Twitter is big social market place on fiverr gig share

I’ve got almost 2,000 on the account related to Fiverr, and most of them are desperate Fiverr sellers who try to spam me (until I report them and block them).


Hi vickie
How can i bring my offline customers on fiverr?
Any official way to bring them on this forum available.
Can you help please…

By offline do you mean they do not use the internet?