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Which are the best plagiarism checking tools available online?

This query is for writers!
So writers, which online tools do you guys use to check plagiarism for your write-ups? And how do they perform?
Currently, I’m using Grammarly premium account, but when it comes to plagiarism checking, it doesn’t do a great job. And Copyscape premium - I’m not in the position to buy right now. So of course, I’m asking for some free tools that actually work well for you people, and if you want to share with others.
Thank you.


Hi there, have you tried

No, I have not.
How does it perform?

go to the webpage and put your text there. It’s quite easy.

I sometimes use SmallSeoTools

It’s quite good, but it isn’t 100% reliable

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Yeah, I have used this one. It’s not much reliable.
In fact SearchEngineReports is more reliable than SmallSeoTools.

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The most reliable plagiarism checker I’ve used is . It’s compatible with mobile devices and is also available online. You simply have to copy paste your work or the URL (link) onto the application or website and it scans for any plagiarism strikes. Another cool feature is that you can scan printed out documents for checking too.

Is it a paid one?

Grammarly and Copyscape are okay but if you need modern plagiarism detection app then I’d recommend as it works a lot better than these and plus point is, it never stores data and available in both free and premium.

The only downside I see with this app is that it’s Desktop. Hope they launch their web version ( soon.