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Which are the best sites to promote my gig?

Hi Everyone,

I am newbie , I need a suggestion from experienced freelancer.

Which are the best sites to promote my gig (except facebook, linkedin etc)?


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I think promoting gigs with social media networks is wastage of time.
Because they don’t want to buy your gig.

But you can ask your buyers to share your gig in his community.


Wherever your target audience is located.

Can you share info where should i find my target audience? I am in ppt presentation.

Who would need a ppt presentation, and where are those people likely to be? Go to those places, get to know some people there, offer them useful information, help them, and now and then mention what you do.

That was just an example; only you know exactly who your target audience is, and where they’re likely to be (and if you don’t know it, you’ll need to do some research, or hire someone to do the research for you).


Please read this post for promoting your gig on social media


You should create your own target audience.

The target audience is the people that you see the best fit for your clients. Find your ideal buying persona.

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I am very thankfull to all of you for guidance. Its really a awesome platform…i m loving it…:blush::blush:

From my experience i think
Facebook on specific region
and Reddit

According to my experience I always found commissions with the buyer requests and they shared my gigs in their social networks. I usually work with the same buyers

Classified ads and SEO related forums.

Hello everyone I created both my fiverr account and gigs and since then i have not gotten any order, i have also shared my gigs to every social media platforms. Can someone advice me on what, i feel a bit disappointed :disappointed_relieved: