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Which are the groupes for Fiverr Community in Social Media


I need Groupes where i can advertise my gigs .Can anyone tell me the name of groupe in Facebook, twitter ,google+.So I Join them.



I don’t think there is any such popular group. Even if you manage to find one, promotion on such groups won’t help. Most probably, any such group must be filled up with sellers, not buyers. Buyers don’t join “promotion groups” to get work done.

Anyway, you may join fiverr page but again, not a good place to “promote”.


Those groups aren’t marketing or advertising… that’s spamming your gig links in a group and hoping someone clicks them. If you want to be successful and reach your desired customers, you need to target your marketing. You need to do research, and reach out to your target customers.

Spamming groups and forums doesn’t build success. You can do better.

I recommend doing an internet search for “how to market my business”. You’ll find thousands of useful articles that will show you how to market the right way.


For a second there. I read it as I need groupies. :grimacing:

Should be groups not to be confused with grope.

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Thank you jonbass for give me that important information…i will search and read articles .it’s good idea :smiley:


You bet it is. Get researchin’! :wink:


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