Which Bank ATM you should use to withdraw your funds in Pakistan


This post is exclusively for fiverriens from Pakistan.

When i started working here on Fiverr which was a game changer for and i got my first payout the first question that came in my mind was how iam going to withdraw my funds which ATM should i use? as there are so many banks in Pakistan so i started searching on internet.
Iam not very good at asking someone personally so i searched and searched finally the two banks that came again and again different threads were Bank Alfalah and MCB
I went to different banks also tried Alfalah but it didn’t worked for me at that time then i went to MCB and woww the transaction was successful but in addition to payoneer fee they charged me extra 200Rs and the rate given was something near 98Rs to 99Rs while dollar rate was btw 105Rs or 106Rs. something but at that moment i didn’t care thats only 2$ ok so
but low rate was disappointment but i told myself at-least iam able to do trasactions.

Long story short after 4 months of doing transactions from MCB i thought to give a try to Bank ALFALAH again and boom this time the transaction was successful and the best thing was they didn’t charged me any extra fees + the dollar rate was pretty good.

So if you are new and you are thinking to do your first transaction do from BANK ALFALAH they are the best… I hope this helps someone.
Also don’t forget to mention your experience with other banks if you think those are betters
Thanks for reading my boring thread enjoy. :slight_smile:


you are right Bank Alfalaha is good but i think MCB bank is best, i was withdraw my first revenue $40 from stranded charted bank, and they charged $3(300pkr), then i used MCB bank to withdraw my fund and it’s pretty good and i always recommended it, Bank ALFALAH is free but i have problem with BANK ALFALAH ATM machines, they are not updated, they “EAT” my Payoneer card 2 times and it’s really painful for me. so i always recommend mcb bank to withdraw money from payoneer master debit card


Hello, a week ago, I withdrew approximately $1000 through ATM. I, first, went to Bank Alfalah ATM and that was not working at that time and then I moved to MCB.

Then, I withdrew 80000 PKR in 4 transactions at MCB and they charged $202.61 per 20000 PKR.

While returning home, I checked the BAF ATM and it was working fine and withdrew 20000 PKR and they charged $200.43 for that.

This is a common practice that BAF are charging are a very small fee for transactions unlike other Pakistani Banks.


ohh sorry for that… thanks for the heads up btw the atm i use is new one :slight_smile:


Hi jamshed yes you are right like i wrote in my post MCB charge 200Rs per transaction BAF? bank ALFALAH u mean?


Could anyone please tell me that how much Dollars they deduct for the first transaction. including fiverr revenue card fee and all the other fees.


5$ for card activation
1$ fiverr widrawl fee

see this post for more details
i hope this helps :slight_smile:


I am going to have first withdrawal this week. The amount is $210.Which bank you would recommend.


sorry for the late response harishaziq… which bank you used?


Thanks friends I am new here and i only earn 19usd yet but i was worry about this . you peaple make me tentionfree. thanks all .


Samba bank does not charge atm fee. Some branches of Bank Alfalah offer free withdrawal from Payoneer while some branches of Bank Alfalah charge more than MCB.


I am using MCB bank since last year, I have tried Standard charter, Samba bank but McB is more convenient. I have never tried Bank alfalah so I might give it a try this month .


hey zj your welcome just let me know if you need my help any time bro thansk


i was using MCB too try Bank Alflah this time,
they dont charge 200Rs and the transaction is flawless too…


hey jane_4 haven’t used samba yet but my experience with Bank Alfalah is quite awesome from last few months…


Man you should really go for Local Bank Transfer option then. It will cost you around 15$ and you will get all of your money in your bank account.


Actually this isn’t the case only with MCB ATMs. You go to any ATM and withdraw more money than you have actually in your card, it will simple eat your card. You should take care next time, because it is really annoying :frowning:


Simply go to Alfalah or MCB ATM and enter 20,000 there as an amount. Because you can’t withdraw more than 20,000 Rs in a single transaction.

If you withdraw 20,000 Rs from Alfalah Bank ATM, it will deduct 201.5$ from your account. Which is really awesome as compare to other ATMs. They deduct extra money from you :frowning:


I have used SCB, MCB and Alfalah Banks ATM for withdrawing money.
Here is my experience:

Withdrew 5000 Rs and 57.39$ got deducted from my account

Withdrew 3000 Rs and they charged me around 300 Rs as their transactional fee.

Withdrew 20,000 Rs and 201.5$ got deducted from my account.

Long story short, Alfalah Bank ATM worked the best for me and I will recommend it to other folks too. As they don’t deduct extra money from your account.


Bank Alfalah’s branch has charged me more than MCB. After reading your thread I checked another branch of Bank Alfalah and it has not charged me atm fee. I think charges vary from branch to branch.