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Which Bank ATM you should use to withdraw your funds in Pakistan

What is the maximum withdrawal limit for Bank Alfalah?

20,000 Rs
Like other Banks


we dont have local bank transfer option here mate… but thanks for the headsup

sorry about that how much that charged?

Not here
Actually I was referring to Payoneer Card
They have the option of LBT (Local Bank Transfer)

How much you withdrew and How much money was deducted from your payoneer in case of Alfalah Bank?

I withdrew Rs 20,000 from their ATM and $201.5 were deducted from my payoneer

more or less the same

hi …nice to read your experience… can you please help me, how i withdraw my my amount…what is better option and what will be the way…thanks

Hi guys, I think you might find this thread useful to find the best ATMs to withdraw from in Pakistan:

@saadiworld where are you from ?
As you mentioned above in a comment that some of the branches and ATMs charge extra. So which branch of BAF is best ?

someone on another blog mentioned some sort of red-branded atm,s , what does it means?

Thanks it helps me alot