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Which blogging platform would you recommend?

I’ve seen a suggestion to start a free blog in order to increase sales on Fiverr. It sounds like a good idea to me, but I’m unsure which blogging platform would be the most efficient for this purpose. Wordpress? Blogger? Tumblr?

Any suggestions from our marketing experts? :slight_smile:

I use blogger exclusively. Very fast and simple to set up and arrange things to your liking! :slight_smile: Lots of premade layouts too, so you don’t need to do anything necessarily. Except to create content! And don’t forget to set up an autoresponder so all your upcoming gigs will also get tons of visibility.

Reply to @adsensewizard: Thank you!

I’m no marketing expert, far from it, but I’ve used Wordpress and have been very happy with it. It’s free and has good statistics.


To be honest wordpress is your best bet, blogger is also good but you can be limited when it comes to customising it.

@catwriter never get a free blog because you will be limited to many features. I use wordpress never had a problem and its easy to update.

Thank you all for the answers!

Is there a difference in marketability between different blogging platforms (for example, would Blogger automatically get more visits than Wordpress if the blogs themselves are offering pretty much the same thing in the same manner)?

I like both blogger and wordpress. I have different niche blogs and use both platforms. Personally I find blogger easier but wordpress more feature-rich.

Reply to @catwriter:

One thing worth considering too is that Blogger is owned by Google. So, while I don’t know the ranking algorithm that Google uses, I do know that they give prevalence to their Blogger platform when calculating searches.