Which category do I put this gig in?


So this’ll be my first gig; I’m drawing icons for people for $5 a pop. But I’m not sure what category would be most accurate to put it in? It’s definitely Graphics & Design, but the subcategory has me confused. I’m stuck between:

  • Illustration
  • Cartoons & Caricatures
  • Social Media Design

…Or, do I just slap it in the ‘Other’ category? Help!

EDIT: Didn’t realize this’d take so long to be approved to post, I went ahead and put it in ‘Social Media Design’ for now but I’d still like feedback, pretty please?


Dear Kiffy Bee:

There’s an excellent chance that the Fiverr Editors will helpfully pick your category for you.

I’d suggest sticking with your original choice.

Create different gigs in the other 2 categories (designed for those categories) to determine which category nets you most sales, then plan to design gigs for the best category for you in the future.

People in the Forum can’t really predict what your results WILL BE. This will be hard-earned experience based on your personal results for what you create.

Good luck,


Hello Kiffy Bee,

there is a seperate catergory for icons and buttons.
Your major category is " GRAPHICS & DESIGN" then subcategory is “WEB & MOBILE DESIGN” then service type is “ICONS & BUTTONS”

I hope this helps


here is a picture for your better understanding