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Which category for reproducing graphics?

Hi all,

I want to use Fiverr to find a graphics artist that can reproduce the following backdrop in high resolution:

In which category can I search for artists that have done similar work? Any suggestions for an artist are fine too obviously!


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Are you looking for an actual 3D model, or just a 2D image? Do you want something that imitates the layering? How close to this design do you want yours? What is is it for? Desktop background, ad backdrop, magazine cover, digital greeting card?

If you can narrow down your requirements, your search for this request will be easier (including the category to look under).


Thanks for replying. It will be just a 2D image. I’m going to use it as a backdrop for a Lego train video (the backdrop above is also from an 80’s Lego train book). It needs to be 2 meters across, that’s why I need it in high resolution. It doesn’t have to look exactly the same but close to the image above. Hope this helps!

I ran a search for ‘landscape’ then filtered to the category for ‘illustration’ and got 364 results. Give those s skim and let me know if that’s what you have in mind. (Are you planning on printing it out yourself, or were you hoping for something to be shipped to you? Might check ‘arts and crafts’ category for ‘illustration’ and make a quick search on ‘simple landscape painting.’)

Then you’d also better to check the copyrights because for example I wouldn’t take on replicating someone else’s work without proof that you have all copyrights for that image.

And if you have a copyright then a cheap thing will be to trace an image and convert it to vector. Otherwise it will be someone in the illustration category who will be able to redraw it.

Thanks for giving me directions. I just need the digital file, I’ll them let them print locally.

I’ve had contact with Lego about this and they didn’t mind replicating the background.