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Which category on Fiverr has more Top Rated Sellers or Super Sellers? Please Comment

Hello everyone,

I was just curious about Fiverr system.

In your opinion, Which category in Fiverr has more Super Sellers or Top Rated Sellers?

i.e. Graphics & Designs, Writing, video testimonials, voice over etc etc…

I will appreciate your comment to give your opinion about this.

That’s an interesting question. Now I’m curious, too. I wonder if they are spread evenly across the board?

I think that most super sellers and top rated sellers are working in “online marketing” field! As far as I know, the gig that has the more rate is in this category and it has something like 30 000 rates!

Reply to @shirinsep: what about video testimonials and voice overs etc?

Reply to @bestinmarket: Well I almost forget those categories… Well They work pretty well, but one video testimonial or voice over gig never never get more than 5 000 rate as far as I know. Though This is some huge number of sales compared to mine :stuck_out_tongue: But well there are so many voice-over gigs and video testimonials gigs, so maybe the top rated sellers often do video-testimonials and voiceover gigs

Let’s see what others think?

Reply to @kjblynx: hmmm…

What do other people say about this?

Comment please…

voice over

it feels that the graphics(art) and the video categories has most super sellers

Reply to @bachas85: ahan! that’s new for me. I thought both are same… By the way what’s the difference? As I can see in your profile description, you say you are a Super Seller (that’s great).

Don’t super sellers have separate badges different from TRS?

Reply to @bachas85: ok. Are super sellers chosen monthly (depending upon sales volume)?

Also, a super seller doesn’t need to be a TRS? Right?

Reply to @kissreviews: I don’t think they are evenly spread… :-/

Reply to @kjblynx: ahan, Now I am getting it. Can you please share the link to those discussions?

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes, I recently received some emails from Fiverr about those Rising Stars and their stories etc…