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Which category sales better?

A am a graphic designer. I just want to know that, which category of graphic design sales better now.


Fiverr hasn’t given updated stats for that for a while as far as I know. But when they did have a slide thing about it quite a while ago logo design was generally one of the most popular categories.

But the category/subcategory with the most sales isn’t necessarily the best one to create a gig in. eg. there’s already lots of gigs in the logo design category, probably the highest amount in any category. And buyers probably are more likely to go with the gigs there that are already successful.

It might be worth trying categories/subcats where there’s less competition but still enough sales. I don’t know their recent sales but I’d check out subcats like Web & Mobile Design, Book Design, Infographic Design.


Bro, I also wanna know this.

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According to the recent trend I think data related gig will get most priority in the days ahead. Luckily Fiverr implemented this feature very recently. Lets see what happen.

Data is the new oil in the next generations. The more data you get and gather the more powerful you become.

Lets see the difference in the days ahead.

Best of luck.


You could be right (though the OP was asking about graphic design) though probably not data entry (there’s probably too much competition there). Probably more the higher end data processing/analysis.

Though those with the most/valuable data probably will have their own in-house systems to analyse/process it rather than going with Fiverr. Probably data protection might prevent some using Fiverr too and they’d probably use their own systems instead.

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If you just want to know for your knowledge, I would go with @uk1000 that logo design is the most selling but still with lots of competition !
But in case you are planning to create a gig in most selling category I will suggest to go with the skill you have and not with most selling or less competition category !


I’m agree with @surajrenuka .
Just focus on what you can offer and offer the best service and you will start drive your Sales higher.


Thank you so much for your precious opinion.

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Thank you so so much.

Thanks for your precious suggestions.

Thanks for your opinion, but I am taking about graphic design. As if there are many category in graphic design.