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Which catogory would I post this gig request?

I need a quick step by step demo video how to sign up and use my dating site. I’ve posted in video & animation and for sub category put inros. and I haven’t been getting any offers at all related to my gig just mainly animation stuff.

Any suggestions which category and maybe what I should put in the title.


Hello @outlaw386

Just curious, have you tried viewing the profiles of the sellers responding to your gig? I know that we I respond to buyer requests Fiverr sometimes limits which gig I can offer based on what the buyer requested.

For example, the buyer request might say: “I need a logo suitable for business cards, flyers, and stationary,” and when I respond Fiverr will only let me choose my flyer gig for some reason rather than one that might apply to the buyer request better. I feel like the buyer might see my offer and think I didn’t read or understand the request properly.

Just wondering :slight_smile: Good luck in your search!

Yeah I’m not a fan of those automated messages each time someone applies. It would be nice if someone can send their own personal message when applying for the job just like a freelance job.

Makes me think they didn’t read my request and just applied. So that’s why its hard to find someone.

I agree! A personal message would be SO helpful when you know the seller thinks you didn’t read the request properly.