Which Color is the BEST?


  • Black Color is best!
  • Green Color was best!
  • None of the above color suits.

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Color of what? Why are the boxes there? Do you mean of the prices? I think the green stood out more.

Don’t tell me this is another new change!


Obviously the prices in green were more noticeable due to the contrast, they immediately popped in your eyes. With black it feels like a lot of clutter, too much info, my eyes get easily tired.


As mentioned in the photo, the red outline around prices. Isn’t it a recent change? Haven’t you noticed?


It does not show any change from green for me on my gigs.

I’m happy to see it says “starting at”.


Well, be glad that Fiverr doesn’t have any other more pressing issues left to resolve :smiley: I think I suck at sarcasm, or whatever it should’ve been.


Agree, same feelings here.


Why do they keep changing everything? None of these changes are helpful.


I prefer the color green better as it attracts my attention. Plus green is also good for my eyes. :sunglasses: The black one seems to blend into the background, so I tend to skip reading the prices…or maybe that’s just me. :rofl:


Yup, none of these are helpful though :frowning:

They should fix bugs instead.


There it is! I think you’re on to something here :wink:


Actually maybe that’s a good thing! If no one notices the prices that might be helpful for sales.


I always had this idea that whenever Fiverr would hire a new web designer, he/she would have to come up with a ‘smart’ or ‘different’ design change and apply it temporarily to prove their skill, or something #conspiracy_time


Woofy we think alike. Less attention to the prices may be very helpful.


Exactly, green color attracts the eyes!


I take it back. I think this change is VERY helpful! :+1::ok_hand::clap:


Helpful or Harmful? :thinking:


Helpful. We don’t want buyers noticing the prices. We want their attention on the gig thumbnails and not the prices.


Then make sure to change your vote - I did. Let’s hide those prices!


Black. Think about this. You’re writing black letters against white in the forum. Why? Because that’s what the eyes are used to seeing. Newspapers are printed this way as well. Reading white letters against black is very difficult, except at the movies when you read subtitles. Of course, on DVD’s sometimes the subtitles are in yellow.