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Which Computer you are using?

i was just thinking to make some new computers for my team. i would want to know for all the Five errs which computers you are using now for Fiverr work… like Graphics, Video Editing, Audio Edting.

Suggest some good with configurations… :slight_smile:

Let’s start Discussion with Geek Mind :wink:


I use Intel processor :stuck_out_tongue:

ahaha LOL… why we should be Fiends…?? do you use computers late night.

yea…i think 80 % people use Intel… But i am using AMD.
But the main thing is i am thinking to buy Intel now… :wink: :wink:

I had a Dell Laptop for years and was very happy with it. So happy that I recently purchased another Dell (Intel core i7) Hope you will find a great set of computers you will like :wink:

I have an Alienware with an i5 Intel processor and also one with an i7 processor.

Well I use a MacBook with Intel Processor but thinking in buy a new one


Mine is a desktop with tower and a flat screen monitor, (the name on the monitor says AOC) it’s black and it’s fast. The guy who upgraded it said it would be :smiley:

Hey i am glad to see your comment. i have Intel i5 Lenevo… But I prefer doing work full time on PC Desktop. With two Big LED’s. overall i think Intel is best for all laptops & PC.

yea… i got so many reviews with Alienware… Hows your experience with this ?

I think its good Combination then why you need to buy another one.

I have also AOC’s LEDs. its working good. which is your processor and why you use that?

processor?.. What’s that?

I actually have three computers. One (that I’m on now) that I use for work, writing, personal data, communication, etc. It’s an older Emachines from around 2013 that my parents picked up for me on a sale and I’ve been able to crack open, configure a bit, and play around with. It’s been reliable since, and will continue to be reliable for schoolwork, Freelance work, and other work.

The other one I have is something I splurged on and put together myself, devoted to video gaming, music, movies, and other multimedia. It works fine for when I need some entertainment.

The third I have is a basic laptop notebook I picked up on the cheap. It doesn’t have much storage space, connects wirelessly, and is useful for when I’m in school. Right now I’m pursuing my bachelors now that I finished community college the previous year, so I need something that I can use for school work and such while I’m on campus.

I recently bought a new Lenovo laptop, before that I had a Lenovo laptop too. I don’t use it now. Also have a desktop computer which I rarely use - I use it only when I need to take a printout of credit card bills or tax payments.

And yeah, I always trust Intel.

I hate spending money generally, only buy new gadgets if I really have to. Bought a new budget Samsung phone, the J5, after the previous one, also Samsung, finally stopped working after 5 years.

You do not Processor ?
A processor is the logic circuitry that responds to and processes the basic instructions that drive a computer.

Like I have AMD’s and Intel’s Processors.