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Which country most buyer of fiverr?


Which country is the most buyer of fiverr? How is their work available?


Why does it matter? Buyers are from all over the :world_map: globe.


Thanks your suggestions


I think that generally most users are from the U.S.A, maybe half of the users. I don’t have a way to count this of course. More than half of my buyers are from the U.S.A.

The important fact when you think about sales is that 5 dollars are precious in some countries while almost nothing in some others. For example, for a European seller to earn 5 dollars that after Fiverr credit and Paypal transfer become almost 3 euros is nothing, you buy a bottle of milk. And for a European buyer to spend 5 dollars on a gig is nothing. But for people from some countries in Asia or Africa or South America maybe 5 dollars could be interesting money.


Your response baffles me. @nikavoice didn’t offer you any suggestions.


For the past week Singapore. :woman_shrugging:


US / Canada for me with some Europe here and there.


sprinkle of many