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Which Currency conversion is better?

If we have $100 in fiverr

  • Is it good to convert USD to INR in fiverr and transfer it to Payoneer.

or is it better to transfer $100 to Payoneer and let Payoneer do the currency conversion?

  • What would be final amount?
    (Guessing 6,887 INR)? - if we let Payoneer do the conversion?
    considering exchange rate is 72.92 + $3 fee? (minus $1.5 in exchange rate)

  • Please help…


What I do is this…

I live in Canada.

I deposit USD from Fiverr to PayPal (I know you can’t use Paypal, but my point will be the same).

Then I let it sit until the exchange rate goes up a bit in my favour.

When I withdraw from PayPal, it gets converted to CDN as it enters my bank account.

I think it’s worked out well for me to do that as the USD to CDN exchange changes daily and sometimes I make a little more leaving it in PayPal for an extra day or two.


I am pretty sure they can use PayPal. I think Paypal is not supported in Pakistan. This person is from India.
Now there are some changes in how Paypal is used in India due to some govt policies, but I’m sure a lot of Indian users use Paypal for withdrawing. Although I am yet to try it since I haven’t earned good enough yet.


My bad.

I assumed that since the OP mentioned Payoneer by name, that was because they could not use PayPal in their country.