Which Design is the best?


I am doing work for a client and I want to make sure they are good.


I like the last one the best personally.


The third one is the best.


Do they look good I want to make the client happy.


What’s the company about?


GetAmericaFit is the company


If you’re not sure, don’t concentrate on just one design.
You can send all three and then tell your buyer if he wants to take the time to see them and decide.
Or (What I do with my Logos) create 2/3 different ones and send them to the buyer to get his feedback.
After that you can concentrate in the logo he likes more, and go on from there.


True you are right thanks for the tips


The 2nd one is the best


Last one but AMERICA
Why is the other figure yellow, though?:us:


Requested by client he wants it to work with a different logo he has for another one of his partnerships


Ah, then, Client Is King :slight_smile:
My thought was just that those primary colours look quite German (or Belgian)


I think the 3rd one is best.


The 3rd one is the best. I have another idea you can try. Take the 1st one, make the icon double like the 3rd one, make the 1st icon and the text “GET” same color and the 2nd icon and the rest of the text same other color. I’m not sure, but you can try and see.