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Which Fiverr Emails Do You Read and Which Do You Ignore?

We are doing some housekeeping, and would love to know which emails from Fiverr you read, and which ones you don't. Would any emails you get be better off as messages to your Fiverr inbox?

Let us know in the comments below.

I have a filter set within my inbox to move all Fiverr emails to a specific folder - which automatically purges itself every 72 hours.

To be honest, I ignore most emails because I log onto the platform everyday and they are just a repeat of the information I receive on login (new message, new order message, order message, modification request etc). I would probably be best editing my account settings to disable the emails.

The only email I sometimes give a quick look over is for new inbox or order messages - kinda like a pre-screen to decide if I’m going to reply right now, or later (rather than open it on Fiverr and mark it as unread).

In regards to emails not related to my account (newsletter, remarketing from gig searches etc), I only read the newsletter but only if the subject sounds interesting. Often the subject is the title of the first article/forum post featured. If it doesn’t grab my attention, I’m likely to not open it at all. Personally, I’d prefer the title of that to be something like “Weekly community news” as opposed to the current format.

I read the Fiverr blog post and article emails most of the time and like those. What bugs me is that I get the emails and notifications about each order, order update, message to my inbox, etc. I’m not sure what I would prefer on those, but since I’m in my Fiverr account every day, I feel like I don’t need them as both emails and messages AND notifications. Although, sometimes it helps to be reminded a lot! In other words, I’m really not sure what I’d change and will have to do some more thinking about it. (Ha! How’s that for helpful? :slight_smile: )

I read most of them. The ones I don’t read are the emails that tell me which gigs I might be interested in buying based on what I’ve been viewing. I view a lot of gigs in my own category so I rarely need those, and I view a lot of gigs after reading forum posts to help give people suggestions. Many of those I read based on the forum end up being things I would never buy like social media likes/views, SEO, Adsense, Amazon reviews, etc.

Sometimes that actually discourages me from viewing user gigs because even if I had my email notifications set differently, it also causes those gig types to show on my Fiverr home page which I particularly dislike. I know this is a bit of a side-topic but I really miss when my home page showed me primarily featured gigs of all kinds instead of something based on “guesses” about what I like. I used to buy gigs that I would notice on the home page but now I ignore the home page and move on.

The ones I delete without even glancing at are the ones telling me which gigs I might be interested in; inevitably it’s gigs in my own category or a category where I’m thinking of starting a gig, so not stuff I’m likely to buy.

It would be handy if you could see details of modification requests in the email notification, as you can see inbox messages or order updates.

When I have the time I read most of the articles, as it relates to which I prefer, I like the ones that gives us sellers suggestion on how to improve on business, like the article the other day of going back to school with some universities offering some courses free, articles like that I prefer.

I read most of the time since am new here.

I usually read the ones with stories about sellers and super sellers. The others…well, not as much. :smiley:

I read most of the tips one and the success stories. I have the app on my phone and get a notification on that as well as in my personal email box about possible new orders. I tend to delete them from my email as I don’t need duplicates.

The ones I read are about the status of orders, messages from the sellers I’m dealing with, and the occasional CS ticket.

Announcement-types are read.

I don’t even open the “You might be interested in these gigs” emails.

Any one give me suggestion can i change my fiverr gmail account?

I definitely read the fiverr success stories!

Like some of the other commenters, I also just trash the “Check out these popular gigs” emails, and others of that sort. I don’t care what’ popular. When I have something I need done, I come on and look for it.

As I am a email template designer.definitely i read fiverr success story of other email template designer.

I read each one of them just to be safe I don’t miss anything important.

Success stories we find interesting. Once started selling we immediately cut off all the email alerts as it doubles the work :slight_smile:

To be honestly say…I don’t read “Popular Gig” email receiving from Fiverr. Normally i receiving with the heading under “Check out these popular Graphics & Design Gigs” since i am a seller in graphic category.

Hi all … i mostly use Fiverr app for this… i will get notification about message or order via phone… in this way i will get 100 % responsive rate… i do not forget to reply to any buyer… Fiverr app is amazing for me… we do not need leptop or pc we can go anywhere or Communication with buyers any time… its really very helpful.

Normally I get the ones telling me about gigs that I might be interested in. But I don’t read them because I’m not looking for gigs to buy right now. Just checking out the site and getting familiar with it.

I read all the promotional email i receive. Just ignore the ones that I don’t find useful for me. And go on to read those which are really inspiring and/or add value to my work.

These are the ones which interest me:

  1. Blog posts which are something like “Must have freelancer tools”. Generalized blogs are very boring
  2. Any updates to fiverr app
  3. New tools/applications introduced in fiverr market
  4. Updates to fiverr website