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Which Fiverr Emails Do You Read and Which Do You Ignore?


I usually delete the ones that the potential buyer is not going to ever respond back again to. They message you and you know that they aren’t going to respond back to you, and if they do it would be probably like 2-3 weeks later.


I read messages which are from clients and i do not usually bother my self reading the emails from fiverr community because most of them i had always read them on the blog,the forum or fiverr academy before they got to my mail. so it always useless seeing them again.
thank you for the information all the time.


I receive emails sometimes from people telling me to email them instead of speaking on Fiverr. Which scares me a lot… Then I find that they’re using multiple names.


Hey… @natalieab i only read notification of new order’s and order completition…


I read all emails from Fiverr!

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I read all of the emails from fiverr that i received in my inbox


i read all emails


Honestly? None of them. I use the app and desktop site to learn all I need to know about orders, questions, etc.


All of them :wink:




i am new user …please tell me any one how to work fiverr and get money


mostly emails i read but someone ignore


I read all emails except for stories…


I read some


Reply to @twistedweb123: sir, if someone message after making an order, than replying not quickly to him/her , does it affect response time ?
each time when a message arrived i have to reply asap or can ignore for those whom i have contacted earlier ?


Reply to @irfanisrael: if you noticed that when someone message you for any query there is a clock right in the message will appears. if thats appears then you need to reply asap. if not then you have not to worry… you can message as you want… Good luck


Reply to @prologo1: same with me, I think it should be sent to those interested in buying things. If I sell in the same category doesn’t mean I’m interested in buying this stuff, pretty opposite.


Reply to @kutty32479: This is not the right thread for that. There are plenty of tips already in Tips for Sellers. If you have further questions, I would suggest making your own post in Conversations or Fiverr FAQ.