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Which Fiverr seller has earnt the most money?

I know a lot of people have done well on fiverr, a lot even working from home thanks to fiverr…

But I am wondering which individual has made the most on fiverr and how much?

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LOL…I definitely don’t qualify :slight_smile:

There are some 3rd party sites that claim to have the answer, but only Fiverr staff would know for sure, I suppose. I know of a few sellers that have incredibly high sales numbers, so perhaps it’s one of them. You can search the Fiverr blog ( for keywords like “super seller” and you’ll find the names of some top earners.

Searching for “Top Rated Seller” will also give you the names of some great sellers but there are also some level 2 sellers with more actual income than some TRS.


Funny, you are always posting questions about how many other people make. What does it matter?


May be motivation

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The answer is in his name…


I don’t think it’s right that you’re asking who makes the most on this site. It’s like asking someone would they like to be scammed.

LOL…definitely not I!

Nice one, Eoin.

I personally know Level 2 Seller who is earning more than $40K a month and his total earning has crossed $400,000 in my opinion.

I cannot provide the username but he is in SEO category:-)

Lol… no one knows better then fiverr team

how do top earners like this even withdraw to paypal because I heard paypal limits transactions to 10000 and fiverrs max transaction is 5000?

If paypal does limit it to that maybe they make multiple withdrawals up to that limit.

Fiverr allows offers up to $10,000 for sellers on the higher levels (level 2 and TRS), so the max transaction limit isn’t $5000. I’ve also seen a Fiverr Pro gig at $10,000.

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Here everyone has rights to post and it does not matter what he/she is posting if it does not goes against fiverr TOS

Since this is the forum (and not, the forum’s community rules and guidelines are what forum users should abide by, not Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

This is not true. Here’s a paragraph from the forum’s rules and guidelines:

So, basically, if a post created by someone isn’t meaningful/insightful/doesn’t make much sense (as determined by the moderators or members of the community) or if it is a topic that’s already been discussed before, the post will probably be removed. So, it absolutely does matter what he/she is posting (even if it doesn’t go against the ToS).

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@funny1048 Your post was a legitimate question. It was therefore not useless. Please don’t be discouraged from asking questions. I’m not sure that was directed at you, the posts about useless questions. I think it was more of a general comment.

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yeah I just realized that I actually got confused because he used the name “funny” and I thought that referred to my username but I just realized that that comment was from over 3 years ago and wasn’t even directed at me lol

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