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Which format is used to deliver article(file)

Hi friends, today the day I get my frist order, feeling nice!!:slight_smile:️:grin::joy:.

The order is create article. I have no idea about which format to create file (Article). Can you help me which format of file is used to dilever article to buyer. Thanks. And suggest me some best article writing tools for Android.:slight_smile:️

Why would you offer 3 different gigs offering article writing when you have no idea how to write an article? :woman_facepalming:

Please, for your buyer’s sake and for yours, cancel this order now, and only put gigs up that you can actually fulfil.


I have my site, and I publish articles and blog posts on my blog. Here at fiverr I’m well experienced in SEO content writing. You are thinking wrong. I only wants to know that what file format is used when creating file in Microsoft word or other writing tools to deliver order to buyer.

This is my frist time I writing article on fiverr. So I confused that what file format is used to create article, because I write articles and blog posts on my blog site editer.

I have Searched many apps on playstore, but still confused which apps provides best writing tools, like headings, bold, italic, underline text. So if you know any tool that best, suggest me. Thanks

You can write articles on MS word most of the writer use MS word for writing.