Which forum badges are on & which are off?


Which forum badges are available and which are not available on our Fiverr version of the discourse forum?

I want to know if it’s worth trying to find 50 posts to like in a day. (for example)


Dear Carol:

You might post your question in this thread:

I don’t know if it’s CURRENTLY active, but I did earn this badge:

I believe but cannot confirm that the Autobiographer badge is off.

Please note: I’m practicing with re-formatting the links I share so people don’t get spammed. Now people will have to copy and paste links…

I hope this new way will solve the problem for everyone but Bob.

Sorry, Bob!

Thank you,


As far as ‘heart-badges’ go I have:

Out of Love
Crazy in Love
Higher Love
Thank You
Gives Back


Show off.



Hey, you asked, just being helpful, is how I got all those badges. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, and by liking a lot of things apparently lol
I don´t have the Autobiographer badge either btw.


Hey! I’m helpful!

Though apparently I’m scrooge-like with my likes. I’m going to like everything for the next 5 days, even if it’s rubbish :slight_smile:


You can like things for very different reasons, you know, just a question of creativity… if you hurry you can be the 3rd person with the Crazy in Love badge maybe, atm it´s just me and someone who gets badges for free. :wink:


cough most number of badges cough Cough

Carol you can check mine for verification.


Yeah, but that person with the most number of badges has badges like

First Onebox
This badge is granted the first time you post a link on a line by itself, which was then automatically expanded into a onebox with a brief summary of the link, a title, and (when available) a picture.

Huh. And no Crazy in Love :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the feeling that the Crazy in Love badger number will rise soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


You said Badger.

Badger calls everyone Larry.

I will call you Larry.

Hello, Larry!


I have the feeling that this should go in the Limerick thread inspite of not being a Limerick.
Somehow this thread makes my head hurt more again. Probably the dreadful almost knowledge of the Autobiographer badge being unobtainable.



it’s almost a haiku. We need a haiku thread.


We have haiku in the Limerick thread though, it´s for all kinds of humorous poetry and stuff as to the OP.


By the way, in case anyone is wondering, today I will only be posting Supernatural memes.


You should get a badge now for replying to yourself, too, I know someone got one for quoting himself.



ooh ooh… waits with eager anticipation.


I do have work to do by the way but I don’t want to do it.


Well, maybe it was that he hadn´t quoted anyone at all before and it was just the ‘First Quote’ badge, but if you don´t want to do work, waiting for badges works.