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Hi, everyone! I promote my gigs in various ways such as Google+ communities, Twitter, Tumblr etc but this hardly gets me any sales. I have been told that promoting gigs in forums is a good way to boost sales but which forums do we post in? (suggestions would be very appreciated).

Also! I was told that having a video on your gig is a very good way of getting sales. So I acted upon this and had a video made for my gig as I am willing to try anything because I am very serious about becoming a Top Rated Seller. The video I had made was an animated video. My question is, would I get more sales if I recorded a video of myself talking about my gigs instead of a silly animation. Help would be really appreciated!


Reply to @midohash: Hi, thanks for the great comment! What is a banner ads and do they cost money? Thanks again!

Reply to @coreymcmullan: Not at all, for example, my gig videos aren’t made by me, I write the script and give it to other people to do. I admit I don’t have on camera talent, but that’s because I haven’t found it necessary. For others it might work. You could have something simple like a sexy blonde saying:

ANNCR: Hey artists! CoreyMcMullan will promote your music

Search: "video reviews."

Or you can have a newscaster

Or a blonde sexy girl dancing while subtitles tell people about your service

Or something like this:

Sorry for all the links, I just like to show what I mean, and for the record, none of these links are mine, so I’m not self-promoting.


Promoting your business or Fiverr gigs through forums is an effective way to improve your sales but you should consider the following:

1- Your gig should be relevant to the forum’s audience interests.

2- Advertise for a reasonable period of time i.e. 1 month or longer.

3- Banner ads are more eye catching than text ads.

Good luck!

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Hi, thanks for the comment! Isn’t it against Fiverr rules to have someone else talk about your gig? If it’s aloud, I will definitely look into it!

I would do a commercial for your promote 10 songs gigs. Focus on the benefits, why artists need you, what you can do for them. I can’t guarantee you’ll succeed, but a guy talking about his gigs can be pretty boring, unless you hire a cute spokesman or spokeswoman. Or do a cute animation. Remember, life is boring, people seek entertainment. So go forth and entertain them. Good luck!

Reply to @kjblynx: Thank you! I’ll have a look. Can I ask if you’ve ever made sales through promoting in forums?

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Hi, thanks! I’ll look into it.

Reply to @coreymcmullan: Another style is to do a problem/solution setup. What is the problem for artists? And how do you fix it.

Reply to @coreymcmullan: When promoting your gig, instead of text it’s a banner… I offer a service for Fiverr starters.