Which gig appears on top?! the new Fiverr algorithm


I’ve seen many gig with few sales appear before TOP RATED gigs since the new update which led to this question :

which gig actually appears before?

I’ve come to some conclusions that maybe views, clicks or impressions can also with a good rating get you ranked on top, whether you’re top rated seller or someone with few sales, then the pick deciding who appears first between all those who have qualified is completely random and it changes everyday!

I don’t know for sure it’s just a guess, probably wrong, but that’s the best I could come up with!!

what do you guys think? cause knowing how this algorithm works can help you with taking the right steps to get yourself ranked on top!! Fiverr stuff should give us some tips at least other than write a good content rubbish because they are so many similar gigs with the same service and description yet one is ranked way before the other when they have the same rating and activity! why? :slight_smile: