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Which Gig has lower competition?

I am learning Web development. But it takes long time. Then i can thank about earning.
Since i am a student I have to earn little money for my own. Can you tell me which gig has lower competition and has chance to earn some money?? :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you ever walked in the bank and asked can you give the passcode for peoples bank account and how much money can I take from them daily so the feds do not pick up?
And did it worked? Do they share those information’s?

Use logic. If people knew about profitable service

  1. wouldn’t they do it?
  2. why would they share and shoot self in foot?

Yes you are right Mam…

After searching on fiverr … I found Fun Video has less gigs and high sell rate… almost everyone sell their gigs.

are you planning to try them now?

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I want to try …but i can not edit.

Why don’t you attempt to create a gig in which you’re good at? Video game creator sounds like a lucrative gig but unfortunately I know nothing about it, therefore I wouldn’t even attempt to start a gig under that category.


No no… createing video game is tough. I cant do that :grinning: . I am learning web development.
Besides i want earn little money. Thats why i am searching simple gigs. :grinning:

Ask yourself what are you good at? What can you do well that can benefit others?

I am also learning python programming and also trying to earn from fiverr too. My gigs are totally different from programming and all i think and i learned all that from youtube. I suggest you can do the same too.

Check this out: How to get any orders at all ... and get more once you have a few


Yes …I am also thinking about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Basically bring some traffic to your gig increase the number of your gig impressions and views, use buyer request and try to get at least a positive review on your gig while your gig impressions are higher than 2000

That’s not actionable advice. If you know how to do so, feel free to share.

That sounds oddly specific. How did you arrive to such a specific formula?

That’s what we call “low hanging fruit”. Everyone can reach them, so what you are searching for is a paradox.

There is no such thing as an easy task with low competition.


You are absolutely right Sir. I have to acquire skill that should satisfy buyers.

Please stop talking about satisfaction.

I know it’s a cultural barrier, but it’s extremely off-putting.

You are not here to satisfy people.

You need to learn a skill that allows you to offer people value.

Value they are willing to trade for money.


You can try happy birthday gig , and use your mobile to taking interesting happy birthday video in your city , or some where nice , this kind of gig is very easy to start . Many peoples has birthday , and they will look for some interesting gift for their friends or family . :slight_smile:

How much you can earn by this ? Depend on you , if you do it with very funny way or etc , people will like it .

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Yes mam… :slightly_smiling_face: