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Which Gig is better?

I have created 2 gigs and want to now which one is better

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I took a look at both of your Gigs and myself i’d say that the gig with a starting video is better because it gives the needed information pretty easily.

Some problems i noticed

  1. The Typos on your description ( Mistakes on writing )
  2. At the start you should always represent yourself and your gig then start with what you offer
    3.The Logos shown on the Gigs photos are all made on a particular website, which shows no evidence of your photoshoping skills

Thanks a lot marnim
I use adobe photoshop cc-2019 to create the logos
The images are taken from a website called pexels which provides free photos without copyright
The video is done using adobe primeir pro
I will sure do make changes
Thank you!

i tried to make it as simple as possible using the line tool
the image i cropped it using ctrl-t
it takes time but its worth it
I use 300 resolution
You Can see My GIG I provide source file which is basically a psd which is the defualt way a file is saved in photoshop

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