Which GIG should I make?


Many Fiverr sellers afraid about building GIGs which will be popular or selling more. Like others I also hesitate about this. I have some skill like email marketing, virtual assistant, social media marketing, drive traffic, YouTube SEO, lead generation and also build some GIG but din’t get much traffic or sells.

What should I do?


What do you know. What do you like. Why would we tell you what to do?


With all disrespect, but you say that you have skills for gigs on driving traffic and then you say that you created a gig that didn’t get much traffic. Not to be rude, but you probably should look in another direction indeed.

On the other hand, it’s a funny thing that (instead of the how-do-I-make-sales-post) we now seem to have a bunch of posts asking how to dream up a gig. At a certain point every seller had that situation where he was wondering what gig to create.
What I wonder about lately is this: why would anybody tell you what gig you should create, rather then creating the gig him or herself? I don’t see that happening. I can’t imagine that somebody would think about a gig for somebody else to publish.
If I have an idea for a new gig I really wouldn’t think a nanosecond about giving it to somebody else.


Same question in my mind…