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Which gigs dominate the world?


Obviously, the whole “World Domination” map thing is mostly just for fun. I was looking at my “World Domination” thing earlier, and wondering what kind of gigs bring in the most international sales. What do you guys think: which gig types are the most world-dominating?

Also, any word on who has the record?


No idea :smile:

I do editing and mine has just about topped out at 64% (this is one percent up from a few months ago, but it’s moving very slowly now).

With some HTML magic, @djgodknows can show you 100% world domination :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice! That’s definitely a lot higher than mine!



:warning:NOTE: North Korea and Greenland is missing for OBVIOUS reasons…






Wow! I think you win.

Now you just need a polar bear in Greenland to get a sudden interest in website design.