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Which Gigs Sells Best On Fiverr?

Digital goods and services sell best on Fiverr!

Below is a list (gathered from my own experience) of stuff that sell like hot cakes on Fiverr:

  1. SEO and Internet Search Engine Ranking Services. Stuff like SEO and back linking sell on daily basis.
  2. Video Creation services like video animation,2D and 3D video animation, motion graphics created from Adobe After effects, Sparkol,etc.
  3. Graphic Works like creation of images, editing and retouching of pictures,creation of magazine covers, postcards, ebook covers,etc.
  4. Website Designing. This includes blogs and Wordpress design, creation of themes, uploading to servers services and so on.
  5. Content Creation. There are a lot of Fiverr sellers selling this stuff but you can still make it. Researching and writing articles or contents for website owners who need contents, rewriting, proofreading and summarizing ebooks, writing reviews for blog and Amazon owners.

    What’s more, they will keep coming back to your gig to order more!!
  6. Traffic! Traffic!! This is a common service offered on Fiverr!

    You know why? It’s what everybody needs and wants. If Fiverr for example does not get any traffic, how do you want to sell your gigs? In this category are solo or email blast, business advertising, social marketing on Facebook,etc.
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That is some great information there. Thank you very much.

I find the information completely up to date and Great!

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Good information :slight_smile:

Thanks! Great information.

Could recommend those who actually deliver with results especially for Facebook page promotions?

I am new here. I have just purchased a gig for 3 facebook pages promotion to 1,300,000 real people on Facebook. The seller guaranteed results at least in the hundreds of additional likes if not in the thousands… The result? 2 extra likes (not 6) between all 3 pages promoted. And it was the same two names that liked the pages. I’ve sent messages to the seller with no answers… Any suggestions?

I am very concerned and disappointed by the results of his work - See more at:

Good article. very helpful for new freelancers