Which information sellers have about my other activities on Fiverr?


Let’s suppose I decide to order a same service from two or three different sellers so I can choose which one I’d like to use, will each of the sellers have access to information regarding all the orders I make? Also, let’s say I’ve been using the services from a seller for some time and I decided to check the quality of the services provided by another seller. Would the old seller have access to information regarding my negotiation with this new seller - and vice-versa, I mean, would the new seller have access information regarding my previous activities? Thanks in advance.


No, sellers are all autonomous and do not share client info automatically.
The only thing that could be seen is your review of seller 1 but that is not even linked to your profile so the 2nd seller would need to stumble across the 1st seller’s profile and see your name there.

All in all, its unlikely 2 sellers would know you were dealing with both of them.

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I hope that you realize that if you place an order with three sellers, you will have to pay for all three. Picking and choosing is scamming. If that is how you want to operate, you will need to use a for purpose contest site.


No - the only folks who’d be able to see all your conversations, orders etc. are customer services - they use all that information when deciding what to do about cancellation requests, buyer/seller problems etc.


All true, however when you google search you use name, past orders and the ratings you gave sellers, can be seen: