Which is best markiting?


hello everyone…
I have a question I want to promote my gigs on social media,
But which plat form is best
My gigs about is Like Data entry, email collect, lead generation etc.


i believe both are good my friend !


The best social network for YOU to market your gigs, is the social network on which you are best connected to your target customers. If your target customers are not connected to you on Facebook or Twitter, than Facebook and Twitter are not going to be good places to promote your gigs.

Your target customers are the only people that will purchase your gig services. Figure out who they are, research to discover where they are located (online and off), and then go to those places and tell those target customers about the services that you offer.

ALWAYS target your customers when you promote your gigs. Plastering your gig links on social media, and hoping some random person will see them and click to your gigs, is an extremely ineffective marketing strategy. You’re not going to get many sales that way.

Always target your promotional efforts. Always.




I think Twitter. More business-minded people are there…I’ve tried both and Twitter seems more effective to me.

Cheers mate!


Twitter is the best i guess. I haven’t tried it yet. But many friends of mine have recommended to me rather than Facebook.


Try with some Facebook page and ads.


thank you a lot for respond


Sorry I didn’t understand what are you saying??


He/she/it is spamming.