Which is best platform to share Fiverr Gigs?


Where i can share my legal Gig and attract customers for freelancing? I have positive reviews but not getting customers with flow. Any one with idea?


All social media and forums where you can share your gigs…


Well, where can you find your customers? Where do the people who need your services hang out? Once you do your research to figure this out, then you will know exactly where to “share your gig”. There is not one, single place that will instantly make you succcessful. Your gigs have a target market. Appeal to that target market if you wish to earn orders and become successful.


You can Share your gigs on Every kind of social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.
You can also invite your friends to check your gigs.
You must have buyer account for best work.


What do you mean by this?

FYI, there is no such thing as a “buyer account”. All Fiverr accounts can be used to buy gig, or offer gigs/services for sale. There is no separate distinction between the two, nor is it appropriate to have more than one account (which is very much against the rules).


very useful information, M y Key points are facebook and google plus communities


I think Twitter and Google Plus is the best.


Sharing or spamming? There’s seems to be a thin line.