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Which is best software for image editing picsart or photoshop ps6

hye am freelancer, am photo editor on the entry level, I need suggestions which apps I should use to edit the photos…in pics-art or photoshop in PC thanks and must mention the reasons :slight_smile:

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i suggest you to use gimp

Photoshop CC. You can do basic things on that too. and if you start with Photoshop, you will get used to it. Then it would easier for you to work on that after you learn some skills.

:flushed: they are absolutely different softwares.

Pics art anyone can use anywhere themselves so I don’t see why anyone will pay for that.

As for professional photo editing (I will highlight it again: professional!) people will usually use photoshop or at least light room.


hey there! I actually use a combination of photoshop but picsart is my main source. You can check out my photoshop where I make thumbnails if you’re interested in what you can do with the program.
Best of luck!

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pics art is for kids… photoshop is for designers and pro editor. don’t compare them :rofl:
Good luck


hey thanks for your reply :wink:

PicsArt is more popular, Photoshop is only for professional photographers