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Which is best time to send offer to buyer request

I send buyer requests regularly but very few timea i got order . Is there any specific time for sending requests that i could get more orders.


200+ buyer request only 2 reply


Friday afternoon right after lunch works for me. And of course the first tuesday after full moon. But that’s obvious.


Why are you giving away our secrets? Everyone knows that it is a secret tip to send requests on Firday’s after lunch time.


Hahaha its funny lol😂

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Also, maybe sending better requests? What kind of requests have you been sending?


I have never seen any specific time for them. I see new ones sometimes in the early morning, then it might skip a day, then I might see them at midnight. Maybe some people have found some system, but I think it’s not a perfect automated system. Buyer requests should always be a backup plan instead of a first plan to get buyers. It just isn’t consistent.

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well i read a wonderful article about the new buyer requests policy of fiverr. And specially how to respond to those as a new seller ( like myself ). these are the tips that it had and worked for me

1.refresh the buyer’s request from 8:30 AM West African Time or 2:30AM Eastern Time Zone from Sunday to Thursday

2. From 3:30PM West Africa Time or 9:30PM Eastern Time Zone on Fridays and Saturdays.

3. But all you need to do is to keep time with Fiverr on the buyer’s request from this time upwards. At least 2-3 hours within this time frame.

Hope these will help new sellers out there


hello, can someone guide me about the buyer requests timings particularly for south east asian zone?