Which is better clear or keep queue to attract prospect to buy gig?


which is better clear or keep queue to attract prospect to buy gig ?

What is your opinion…


Personally, I think delivering orders as soon as possible is much better for your reputation than holding off on delivering just to keep orders in queue for others to see and ‘possibly’ want to order.


Yeah I like to have a few in the queue as it makes my gig “feel” busy to a buyer it’s a horses for courses scenario and everyone’s preference will be different.

I have a particular gig that has never had 0 in the queue (apart from when I first enabled it) and I have been trying desperately bump it down to under 10 but with the flow of orders coming in I am having a hard time doing that.


Ideally I like to have between 2-4 in my queue but it didn’t start out by design. I was just on winter vacation when the peak came and I’ve never been able to work off the debt. I always say I’ll clear my queue over the weekend and it never happens. I start panicking though when it gets to be 8 or higher.

I guess it just depends on the seller. I know when I was just beginning I wanted 5-6 in my queue. Now that I do have those, I want it to be down to 1-2 lol. I would say don’t wait, by all means deliver your product once it’s done so you don’t have to worry about it, then try to get a steady stream of orders coming in that you can handle.

Having 0 in your queue can be very liberating in the sense that you don’t feel like you’re constantly having to catch up.