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Which is better, order cancellation or bad review?


So I’m of the writing and translation category, to be precise articles and blog post. I’ve been on Fiverr for almost a year now, but I only started selling a few months ago as soon as I took Fiverr more seriously.

Well, last week some buyer contacted me and asked if I could write him an article of 3500 words, I said yes to that, sent him a custom offer and he placed the order without delay.

I was to complete the job in three days, but I dedicated an entire day to the project and had it completed in a single day. I was really happy about that and thought the said buyer would be pleased that I completed the job way before the deadline.

I delivered on the order, awaiting the buyer’s feedback. After a few hours he contacts me demanding that I rewrite the entire article or initiate an order cancellation. I thought hard about it, and realizing this buyer was one of those hard- to-please buyers, I opt to initiate an order cancellation. I should have made an attempt to rewrite the work, but I envisaged anything but a 5 star review coming from this buyer even if I wrote with the hand of Earnest Hemingway.

I really don’t know if I did the right thing tho. I’m a new seller too scared of getting anything less than a 5 star review. What do y’all think?


In this situation I think yeah, it’s best to cancel. The buyer might continue to ask for revisions and you’ll only get burned-out, next time maybe only charge $5 for a sample work, and that way you don’t have to spend a ton of time on an order just to have it cancel.

Best of luck with this situation.
With love,
Antonio (MabsArts)


Congratulations, you have just given someone a 3500 word article for free and they are probably using it now laughing at how easy it was.

Not only that, what you did will encourage that buyer to do it to others too and they might even create additional Fiverr accounts and order from you again.


Come back and ask us again when you’ve been demoted because of buyers ordering by mistake and asking to cancel before you’ve delivered any work.

I really hope it doesn’t happen to you, but that’s what is happening because Fiverr wants to stop sellers cancelling to avoid a bad review, as you’ve just done. So you’ve now taken a hit on your completion rate - I hope nobody genuinely orders by mistake to force a genuine cancellation which reduces your completion rate below 90%.


Every buyer on here wants to do business with a new seller only if he/she has got “5 star ratings” on all completed orders. So, most of us new sellers do everything possible to maintain that, at the expense of every other thing.

Lesson learned tho.