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Which is better: Paypal or Fiverr Card [ARCHIVED]

I am having problem with my withdraw of my founds to paypal can anyone help me ?

can i use payza instead of paypal or fiverr card?

I use only payoneer at the moment. It’s great from my point of view

Reply to @designkingdom:

I vote PayPal

Can anyone please tell me how much is deducted when:

  • Transferring from fiverr to paypal
  • Transferring from fiverr to payoneer/fiverr card

    Time is not an issue. I can wait for the funds to come in either of the accounts. Just wanna know where the charges are lower.

Each have their downfalls. On the one hand, PayPal is just an overall evil company to whom I hate giving business. On the other hand, the fees associated with the Fiverr card are out of control; any money you load onto it would be quickly wiped out by these mounting costs. If you think about it, you’re basically paying them so that you can advertise their [admittedly sweet looking] card for them!

In this case I’ll stick with Evil Corp. so I at least get to keep most of what I worked for.

Paypal & payoneer :x

Just withdraw the money from Fiverr to your Paypal account and send it to your bank account. Then the money will jump over to your Payoneer card. Minus the Payoneer fees.

hy, Lynn …???

where did you go???

Is it possible to use both Paypal and Fiverr Revenue Card at the same for the same account? I was applied for Fiverr card, but it will take more than one month to reach to my address according to the card shipment authority. In this case, if i wants to withdraw my money early, through using Paypal, then is it possible? How many days it take to withdraw money from Paypal? Comments is highly appreciated!!

Am @blogspot1991

I Guess Fiver Payoneer Card Is The Best Option as Paypal Really Sucks With Their Stupid Policies. they Held My 1k+usd without any genuine reason :frowning:

Just wanted to jump in and say that yes, paypal has it’s issues, but it is incredibly convenient. I went to make a withdrawal through paypal, clicked on the verification and had my money in my paypal account in less than a minute! Hard to beat that. the new direct deposit sounds interesting but it costs $1 per withdrawl similar to paypal. I guess if you are out of the country, it might be worthwhile, but waiting several days for something you can have in a few seconds with basically the same fees in the US does not seem to make sense here. Anyone else see anything I am not seeing?

Can you help me with PayPal-Fiverr Fee problem…
I got my money from Fiverr on PayPal, I withdrawed from Fiverr 417$ and I got 383$ on PayPal. Is that a normal amount of fee or is it too much?
I’m from Serbia, if that’s even matter.

PAYPAL is always trusted by millions of people.

Payoneer has too many negative reviews for their Unstoppable fees
Payoneer is VORACIOUS! A hungry monster who eats up your money fast.
As solidslick said: “With the Fiverr card (Payoneer) you’ll go BROKE with all the fees.”

Some years ago, I tried Payoneer, with that old scam named “World Ventures”. When I earn my 1st payment, They started to charge fees and in 1 month I didn’t have anything inside. :frowning:

Skrill also is a good suggestion if Fiverr would implement that E-wallet one day!

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Ok. Thank you for telling me that. I haven’t noticed the date of this thread. I was just reading it and I wanted to write my comment also. :slight_smile:

For now PayPal is better, because there’s no more PayPal withdrawal fees will be charged.

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