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Which is better- Paypal or Payoneer?

I don’t know why, everytime when i withdraws payment to paypal then it cuts 10% from my total in paypal then it sends to my bank account. I was very wondered because 20% already takes by fiverr and when i sends it to my bank account via Paypal inIndia then additional 10% also cuts by transfer charge. I don’t know how.
Please tell me suggestion which one is best Paypal or Payoneer and also what is total deduction % taking by both method to transfer it to bank account in India.


As per the Fiverr Terms of Service Paypal do not take anything out of the withdrawal amount…

For eg if I Withdraw $100.60 from my Fiverr account to my Paypal I will get $100.60.

After that ( Since you are from India) as Per the Government of India Regulation, we can not use the funds available in Paypal and Paypal have to transfer it to our bank account in 3 working days.

P.S Paypal Do not cut 10% and I have been using it for years and never had an Issue


OMG… I withdraw single order payment $144 to paypal and when paypal sent it to my bank account then again 8.5% been cut during transferring to bank account from paypal.

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You better need to check the currency conversion rate there…paypal can not transfer the amount in $ it have to transfer in rupee.

can please provide more info how much did you get in your bank acc for $144…check the conversion rate you got…

you will need to first check how much did you get in your paypal acc, then how much you ogt in your account and then calculate the conversion rate

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payoneer is the best option , to transfer your fund on your bank for free cost,


Order was $180
Fiverr will take its part so i got 180-20% = $144
When same 144 is been exchange into local Indian currency by paypal which means 11,500/- and when i received that in my bank account from paypal then i got only 10,500/- I was wondered that it had cut around 8.5% from $144 to my bank transfer… What is this game i dont know?

Payoneer is Better than Paypal , dear alankar_96 , because Payoneer gives better Exchange rates than Paypal.

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I think payoneer is the best way for withdraw dollar, Because I use this method myself. The cost to withdraw money is very low

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Paypal Takes 2.5% of the exchange rate, Do always check the exchange rate


ok fine. so can i transfer the payment from payoneer to my local bank account?

Payoneer is good enough

paypal blocks you for no reason and even knowing that your work comes from fiverr… however, payoneer is very reliable and better, they also send you a card with the fiverr logo…