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Which is better to rank an old account or new one?

I retrieve my old account which is created in 2017. What is better to use old one or need to create new one?


Fiverr always Boosting new account.

If you don’t get orders the old account then delete it and create a new account.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

I have one review in my old account

@mushfiq_ayon you do this affirmation based on what?

@mustansarshabir you might actually affect both accounts. Take care if you sell the same gigs on both.


What is your suggestion. Keep moving with old one.

If you delete your old Fiverr account.then it will not effect to create a new one.

@mustansarshabir since it’s 3 years old, I’d say keep the old one.
Get some orders, feedbacks and you will see that it’s gonna work. It’s for reputation actually.

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try to work with the old one. if you do the good work you will get new order. Everything is depend on your skill

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@spark4hope Thanks a lot for giving advice. I think I should take your advice and need to work hard on an old account. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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My pleasure.
Go out there and amaze people with your services and you will be successful.

Best of luck!

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New or old is no fact, Fiverr is only focusing on your gig. When your gig got clicks and impression ther fiverr try to boost your gig.
So you can carry on with anyone:)

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This is a very good question as it will help many people who took a long break from fiverr and trying to resurrect their old account.

@mustansarshabir If your old account is in good standing and you do not have many cancelled orders due to customers placing orders while you went off the platform (considering that you forget to pause your gigs) then a new account would be best to rank and flourish.

However, if you had indeed paused your gigs and inactivity or negative reviews didn’t harm your business then the old account would be a winner given the history, reviews and customer base.



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