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Which is Good for Gig Vedio Or Images

i want to know which is perfect for Gig Ranking like video or images??. is that very important for gig rank??

IMHO, videos are very important to rank your gigs , images are overrated the only good images in the gallery are the ones those come with live portfolio

Neither videos nor images will guarantee you a specific “gig rank” in the search engines. The search engine is set up so that you cannot influence it directly. The only way to “rank” well is to be a great seller who delivers great work, on time, that earns positive reviews.

Neither ensure a good ranking. However being a good seller does.

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According to fiverr, using a gig video makes your gig more likely to be chosen. As far as I know, it doesn’t automatically increase your rank, but if a gig video makes you more likely to land orders, and having more orders makes you more likely to have a higher gig ranking - having a gig video should (in theory) increase your chances of a higher ranking.

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Images are really helpful I mean eye caching images that we attract your buyers.